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Secrets of the Little Yellow Diary

Patty created and performed her solo, one-act musical, Secrets of the Little Yellow Diary, for the Minnesota Fringe Festival with composer Rob Hartmann, chronicling her life as a passionate, 12-year-old actress. The main message of this autobiographical coming-of-age piece is that we all make a difference and our stories matter – no matter how old we are when we're telling them. The show enjoyed a second production, by an actual 12-year-old actress (the brilliant Emily Rynasko) at the Maltz Jupiter Theater Conservatory under the insightful direction and music direction of Julie Rowe. Drop Patty a line if you are interested in seeing (or performing) the show in your area.

“Patty Nieman's play was all that I would've hoped. She is talented, fun to watch, and tells a tale of what it is to be 12-going-on-13 remarkably well (probably because it was written by a 12-going-on-13 year-old). The songs were superb. The arrangements were el-neato. And for reasons that I'm not completely sure of, I started to cry when she pulled out her green dress-clad Scarlett O'Hara doll. The show is simple and innocent and wonderful. It's a reminder that though four-letter words reign supreme at the Fringe by sheer overwhelming volume, a good script will win out over vulgarity any day.”

- Christopher O. Kidder, CityPages.

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